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Tracker Attribute Types

You may define attribute types for some of the Interactions, Interaction Participants, Individuals, Locations and Organizations to extend the types.

Tracker Attribute Name

Enter the name of the attribute.

Show if Empty

Select this check box to if you want the attribute name to be displayed in Interaction Tracker Client even if it is empty.

Database ID

This is the database ID of the new attribute. This ID is automatically generated for the new attribute and cannot be changed.

Applies to (Select all that apply)

Select any of these entities you want for the attribute to apply:

  • Individuals

  • Locations

  • Organizations

  • Interaction Segments - default - (selecting this option will enable the Segment Attribute Mapping below)

Custom Attribute to Interaction Segment Attribute Mapping (server-specific)

You can specify an interaction attribute name and Tracker Server will retrieve the value at interaction deallocation time and store it with the interaction segment. This custom mapping option is only available if you have selected Interaction Segments above.

Get Value From custom Interaction Attribute check box

Check this if you want the value of the attribute to come from an interaction attribute.

Custom Interaction Attribute to Use

Specify the name of the interaction attribute that will be retrieved at interaction deallocation time. For example, you might create a custom attribute named "Gender".

Note: Restart the client for the change to take effect.

Legal Values Presented in Tracker Client

Add or Remove values to assign to the attribute. Use the Up and Down buttons to arrange order of selection.  For example, for Gender you can specify legal values that will appear as selectable items in a drop down list for the Gender attribute.  The order in the list is the order the values appear in the Tracker Client dialog boxes.