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Managed IP Phone Assistant

The Managed IP Phone Assistant allows you to create new managed IP phones and the associated SIP stations by importing.

The advantage of managed IP phones and SIP stations is ease of configuration. All configuration is done in Interaction Administrator. The IC ProvisionServer subsystem take cares of “serving” the phone its configuration and manufacturer-specific firmware through a registration group. Using Interaction Administrator to manage IP phones also eliminates the need going forward to maintain SIP phone configuration (.cfg) files.

Importing CSV Lists

Use the .CSV import option if you want to create multiple new managed IP phones and the associated SIP stations.

For example, you have purchased 50 Interaction SIP Station or Polycom phones, and you want to create new managed IP phones and the associated SIP stations for all 50 of the phones at the same time, each having different names and extensions.  

Prerequisites for import:

Migrating: You can use the migrate option if you already have SIP stations in Interaction Administrator and you want to migrate these station appearances into managed IP phones. For example, you are updating CIC and you have 100 existing Polycom SIP stations already configured in Interaction Administrator. You want to migrate all 100 stations to managed IP phones at the same time.

You must know the location and format of the SIP configuration (.cfg) files when importing. Also, see the SIP Phone Information Update server parameter for help during the migration process.

Notes: The Managed IP Phone Assistant after business hours because the procedure requires significant server resources.

After running the Managed IP Phone Assistant, the managed IP phones must be provisioned. For more information, see CIC Managed IP Phones Administrator’s Guide and CSV List Import Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.