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ServParm.gif Text To Speech Server Parameters

The optional server parameters for the CIC's Telephony tools for text-to-speech (TTS) conversion can change the default behavior of the TTS tools and the way CIC interfaces with the TTS engine on the CIC server. If the server parameter is not set (that is, it does not appear in the Server Parameters container in Interaction Administrator), the default values are in effect for each condition.

The most common optional TTS server parameters are listed in the following table. Other server parameters can be set as needed, under the direction of qualified PureConnect Customer Care staff.

TTS Server Parameters



TTS Audio File Directory

Specifies the path to a .wav file created with the Record String tool if the path was not specified in the tool step. (For more information, see the Record String tool in Interaction Designer's online help.)


TTS Speech Pitch

An integer that specifies the number of hertz used to determine the voice pitch of the TTS engine reading a user's email or other text.


TTS Speech Rate

An integer that specifies the rate (words per minute) at which the TTS engine reads a user's email or other text.


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