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Caller Name

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) uses several different methods to identify a caller. If CIC cannot automatically determine the name of the caller and handlers or other applications do not identify the caller or provide something to be displayed instead of a caller name, CIC displays a locally defined phrase such as "Unknown Caller."

CIC uses these methods in the following order to identify a caller.

Note: Any name CIC finds is replaced by a name found by a subsequent method. For example, a caller name provided by the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is replaced by a caller name found in the Company Directory.

  1. Caller name provided by the PSTN, SIP signaling, or Web Interaction registration information (Chat, Web Call Backs, etc.).

  1. Caller name located by an RWP (Reverse White Pages) lookup using the caller’s telephone number to locate a name in the RWP database.

Result: If no name is found and the origin of the call can be determined, the City and State of the call are used as the caller name.

  1. Caller name located by an RWP lookup in the Company Directory or a Personal Directory (such as Outlook Private Contacts.)

  2. Caller name located by a telephone number lookup in Interaction Tracker.

  3. A locally defined phrase such as "Unknown Caller."

Note: This is used if none of the preceding methods have identified the caller, usually because the PSTN did not provide the caller’s telephone number.

  1. A value provided by CIC handlers as part of customer customization.

For example, information gathered from an IVR menu selection such as a product catalog name could be used as the caller name.

  1. Caller name as entered in the Transfer Dialog box.

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