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Delete a Tracker Organization

Requirements: You need the Delete Organizations Security right to delete a Tracker Organization. Other Interaction Tracker functions are available only if you have the appropriate licenses and security rights. For more information, see Tracker Licensing and Rights.

You can delete a Tracker organization if you have a Tracker Access License and the appropriate Tracker Policy Security rights. For more information about this feature, or if you have questions about your right to use it, see your CIC administrator.

To delete a Tracker Organization:

  1. Find a Tracker Organization

  2. In the Search Results page of the Find Organization Wizard, right-click an Organization name and select Delete from the shortcut menu.

Result: The Confirm Delete dialog box appears.

  1. In the Confirm Delete dialog box, click Yes.

Result: The organization is removed from the Search Results page of the Find Organization Wizard and from any contacts associated with this organization.

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