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Monitor Two or More Queues at the Same Time

Requirements: You need the appropriate Access Control rights to view or work with queues other than your own. For more information, see Introduction to Queues.

With the CIC client, you can monitor more than one queue at the same time. You can monitor your own queue (My Interactions), and several user queues and station queues at the same time. The CIC client notifies you any time that a call comes into My Interactions.

Note: You can also monitor selected user queues by creating Monitored Appearances. For more information, see Configure Monitored Appearances.

To monitor additional queues:

  1. In the Create New View dialog box, set Group by to Categories, and then from the All views list, select Queues.

  1. In the Views list, click the appropriate view or type of view.

Result: A selection dialog box may appear. If it does not, skip to last step.

  1. From the Available Items list, select the appropriate view and click Add >.

Tip: Views with contents that are unique to your interface have the text "Private" in their name (for example, IC Private Contacts.)

  1. Optional. Select and add additional views to the Selected items list.

  2. When you complete your selection or selections, click OK.

Result: An additional queue tab appears for each queue you selected.

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