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Mute Button

Requirements: The "Mute" Interaction Command Right determines if the Mute button can appear on a toolbar. It also controls whether the Mute Call command appears on a shortcut menu or is available via a keyboard shortcut. The Mute Interactions Security right allows you to disable the microphone on your telephone while working with an interaction appearing in My Interactions. The Modify Station Queues or Modify User Queues Access Control rights allow you to disable your microphone for an interaction appearing on another queue.



Queue Control toolbar

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Interaction Properties Dialog Box

Keyboard shortcut


Tip: Keyboard shortcuts work only if you select an interaction in My Interactions or other queue to ensure that it has focus before you press the keys.


Click Mute to disable the microphone on your telephone so that the other party or parties cannot hear what you are saying.

Click Mute again to reactivate the microphone.

If you are in a conference call hosted by a different CIC server and you put the call on hold, you should first click Mute to avoid playing on-hold music to the other parties in a conference call.

Also, if you are currently being assisted by a supervisor, the customer no longer hears you, but the supervisor can continue to converse with you. For more information, see Coach Button or Whisper Button.

Note: The Mute button is unavailable if the call is not in a state in which this action can be performed.

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