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Operator Console Keyboard Shortcuts

Requirements: These features are reserved for Operator Console users.

Operator Console users can use these keyboard shortcuts.




Toggle a connected or alerting call between connected and hold states.

Example: You can press Enter to answer a call as it comes into My Interactions. After you have answered the call, you can press Enter to put the call on Hold and then press Enter again to reconnect.


Transfer the currently selected call to a selected directory entry.

Example: While a call is selected, select a directory entry and press Enter. The call is transferred to the default phone number for the selected directory entry.


Dial the default number for the currently selected directory entry.

Example: Select a directory entry or personal contact, then press Shift+Enter to call that person at their default phone number.

Call Transfer Shortcut Keys

Transfer the currently selected call to any one of the alternate numbers configured for a directory entry.

Example: You can transfer a currently selected call to a selected user’s mobile phone by pressing Ctrl+Alt+I.

Quick Keys

Create and use custom keyboard shortcuts for any view in the CIC client.

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