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Record Button

The Record button enables you to make recordings of all or selected parts of an interaction. These Ad hoc recordings are stored as WAV or XML files.

Requirements: Two types of recordings are available in the CIC client. For the Record button, see the Requirements for Ad hoc recordings.



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Tip: Toolbar shortcuts work only if you select an interaction in My Interactions or other queue to ensure that it has focus before you press the keys.


Click Record to record the currently selected call or chat. A call recording is saved as a. wav file. A chat recording is saved as a .txt file.

Clicking Record the first time starts the recording session for a call. Clicking Record again stops the recording session for a call.

Note: You can press the Record button more than once to stop or continue recording your interaction. The CIC client stores each part of the recorded conversation in separate audio files or text files, and sends them to you in email message attachments after you end the call.

Note: The Record button is unavailable if the call is not in a state in which this action can be performed or if you do not have rights to record calls. Contact your CIC administrator if you need security rights to use this feature.

Warning: Genesys disclaims any responsibility for end-user or licensee to comply with federal or state law restrictions regarding Record, Snip, or Listen capabilities of CIC software. The licensee hereby warrants and represents that the end-user or licensee will use the product in compliance with any federal or state law.

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