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Understanding Account Codes

Requirements: See Working with Account and Wrap-Up Codes.

In the CIC client, you can use account codes to organize interactions by customer. You may find this feature useful for customer billing purposes, or if you process interactions through Customer Interaction Center for more than one company. Your system administrator can generate reports to categorize call details by account codes.

You can assign account codes to incoming and outgoing interactions or from any Interaction Object (such as calls, email messages, chat sessions, or callback objects).

Account Code Restrictions

When working with account codes, it is important to note the following restrictions:

  • You cannot split an interaction between account codes.

  • You can only assign one account code per interaction.

  • You cannot assign, change, or delete an account code after it disappears from your queue unless you have permission to modify the queue to which the interaction transfers.

  • Account codes can be sorted numerically. When you type the first few numbers of the account code, the CIC client jumps ahead to the first match, speeding up the process of selecting the appropriate code for your interaction.

  • You can use the Interaction Properties Dialog Box to set an account code for any incoming or outgoing interaction.

  • You are prompted to assign account codes to outgoing interactions in the Advanced Dialing Options dialog box only if your company uses account codes and your system is appropriately configured. For more information, see Advanced Dialing Options.

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