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What's New in Interaction Desktop

Genesys introduced the following changes and enhancements in Interaction Desktop releases.

2019 R4

  • PureCloud Bridge Replacement

    Beginning with CIC 2019 R4, the PureCloud for CIC integration was renamed to Genesys Cloud for PureConnect. The new Cloud Bridge subsystem is a replacement for the Bridge Server platform previously used for integration with Genesys Cloud. For more information, see the configuration details in the Interaction Administrator help and the Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Administrator's Guide in the PureConnect documentation library.

2019 R3 Patch 04

  • PureCloud Directory view

    The PureCloud Directory view is no longer available or supported as of 2019 R3 Patch 04.

2019 R3 Patch 03

  • Improved Accessibility Compliance

    Interaction Desktop now includes accessibility compliance enhancements based on AODA-UK (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) guidelines. The views with improved accessibility include the main screen, My Interactions, Interaction Information, Call History, Company Directory, and the Log On dialog box.

    You can perform all essential agent tasks using the keyboard and a screen reader. Tab across views, toolbar buttons, menu bar, and the status bar in sequence. Within a view, a user can tab to buttons in sequence. Access to all controls is available from the keyboard. See Accessibility Compliance for details.

    The JAWS (Job Access with Speech) screen reader provides speech output when needed. This includes text-to-speech output for:

    • New call alerts

    • Input control names and descriptions

    • Types of values such as Server Name or Remote Number required in text boxes and other input controls

    • Entries in text boxes

    • Names of enabled buttons or other controls in a toolbar, the kind of operation each performs, and the button's associated tooltip

    • Failed logon attempt announcement including a description of the issue, such as invalid credentials

    • The content of screen pop-ups and notifications

    • Title of a dialog box or pop-up and the names of its available buttons

    • The number of results for a search in the Company Directory or Call History view

When you use the accessibilitycompliant=true command line argument or server parameter, these additional enhancements are available:

    • Bold letter names and highlighted command buttons assist users with partially impaired vision to distinguish between enabled and disabled command buttons.

    • The screen reader fully describes a selected interaction (name, number, state, and so on).

    • If a search fails to find matching records, the screen reader announces that no records were found.

2017 R3

  • Email Editor improvements

An improved Email Editor gives you enhanced text formatting controls, improved memory usage, and stability. You can now preview email messages and create a reply in the same view. You can display the Email Editor in multiple workspaces.

2017 R1

  • Response Management shortcuts and alternate languages.

To use Response Management shortcuts with certain alternate languages in Windows, such as Chinese Simplified PRC, you can now press Ctrl+Alt+Space instead of pressing Ctrl+Space.  For some alternate languages, Ctrl+Space changes the language setting.

2016 R4

  • Enhanced Password Requirements

Your CIC administrator has new Password Policy options that may require you to use a minimum number of upper and lower case letters, numbers and even special characters in your CIC password. New Password Policy restrictions can also prevent you from using your phone extension or reverse extension as a CIC password.

  • PureCloud for CIC

PureCloud for CIC is a cloud collaboration, communications, and customer engagement platform that takes full advantage of the distributed nature of the cloud.

If your CIC administrator enables PureCloud for CIC, you can experience the collaborative features of PureCloud. PureCloud for CIC brings users together in a single environment that allows for seamless communication between CIC and PureCloud users by automatically synchronizing CIC and PureCloud user information.

  • SMS Text Message Improvements

CIC now links the original text message with a reply and preserves the entire SMS text conversation. Improved SMS routing can route replies to the original agent or use keywords to route the reply to another agent or queue. Agents select SMS brokers when they initiate a text message conversation. Using the appropriate broker enables you to take advantage of lower rates for person to person outbound messages. Also, the CIC administrator now has the option of using Interaction Tracker to track SMS text messages.

2016 R3

  • Shortcut menu option for adding a new view

Add a new view by right-clicking a tab or next to a group of tabs in the area where you want to add a view and click New view.

  • Snippet Recordings

If you have the appropriate license and rights, you can use the new Snip button to create SASF (Secure Authenticated Stream Format) interaction recordings. These recordings are stored in the CIC database. For more information about the difference between Ad hoc and Snippet recordings, see Recording Types.

Note: Snippet recordings of email interactions are available only if your CIC administrator separately enables this feature. Snippet recordings of email interactions are not available by default.

  • Microsoft Lync Integration

Customer Interaction Center now supports integration to Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015.

Important: In this documentation, the "Lync Integration" refers to the CIC integration with supported versions of Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business. "Lync" refers to both Microsoft applications and their users. The labels for the Lync Embedded Client and the Lync-enabled Company Directory remain "Lync" even if you are a Skype for Business user.

2016 R2

  • Email Editing Toolbar

Two versions of the editing toolbar are now available when you reply to an HTML Email message. Your CIC administrator can enable you to use either the MSHTML toolbar or the Telerik toolbar.

Important: If your CIC administrator configures your CIC client to use the MSHTML toolbar, the Email Editor and Email Preview are unavailable. You can use the Email Window for Incoming Messages and Email Window for Outgoing Messages to view and respond to your email messages.

  • Microsoft Lync Integration

Lync Server 2010 is no longer supported for the Microsoft Lync Integration.

2016 R1

  • Select a Language

If your CIC administrator installed the appropriate language pack on the CIC server, you can select a language other than English for the Interaction Desktop interface and help.

2015 R3

Interaction Desktop GA release.

  • Icons

The toolbar and view icons have a new, more modern appearance.

  • Quick Keys

Personal keyboard shortcuts are available to all Interaction Desktop users, not just Operator Console users.

  • Text Messages

Interaction Desktop now supports text messages.

2015 R2

Interaction Desktop continued to be available only in beta release.

  • Email Editor

You have improved controls for formatting and spell-checking email messages. To look up customer records by email address, you can also copy and paste addresses from the email reply address fields to a third-party CRM system.

  • Response Management

The My Responses Editor has improved controls for creating and formatting your stored responses. The new controls enable you to insert tables and spell check your response text. You can now sort stored responses by Date Added or Name in the My Responses window.

You can use the Inherited font in a stored response. When you use a stored response created with the Inherited font, it adopts the font and font characteristics (size, color, and so on) of the text immediately preceding it in your email message. However, when you insert a response that has a selected font and other font characteristics, then the stored response appears as originally formatted.

2015 R1

A limited beta release of Interaction Desktop.

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