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Welcome to Interaction Designer

Welcome to Interaction Designer, your environment for developing handlers.

What is Interaction Designer?

Interaction Designer is CIC's (Customer Interaction Center) graphical application generator. Using Interaction Designer, you write the programs (handlers) that control various interaction processing behaviors within CIC.

Use Interaction Designer to modify existing handlers and create new handlers. When you are ready to begin using the handler on your CIC server, you must first publish and activate the handler.

Other Documentation

Be sure to explore the PureConnect Documentation Library on your CIC server. This contains online help and technical reference documents that provide additional information and explanations of CIC features.

Note: See the help topic What's new in this release for more information on new and changed tools, features, and handlers in each release.  

Note: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) supports two Interaction management client applications. This documentation uses the term "CIC client" to refer to either Interaction Connect or Interaction Desktop.   


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August 20, 2020