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Create a new handler or subroutine

Create a new handler when you want to perform actions in response to an event that occurs on the CIC server. Before you create a new handler, review the documentation for the handlers that are already running on your system. The event that you want to start your new handler may already be starting a previously published handler. In this case, you may want to build a subroutine.

  • From the File menu, choose New.


  • Click the button on the toolbar.
    A new Handler window appears.

Note: you may also add your own documentation for any handlers you create to Designer's Help menu. To add an item to Designer's Help menu, create a Help folder on the server under ..\I3\IC\Server, and place your help folder or files there. You can create help files of any type, as long as there is an associated application.  The next time Interaction Designer is started, anything located in that directory will appear at the bottom of the Help menu.

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