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General Preferences

This page can be used to set three general defaults for Interaction Designer.

Publish Handler Dialog

If this box is checked, users will be prompted to continue any time they try to publish a handler that contains warnings. If unchecked, the handler will publish without prompting even though it may contain warnings.

Starting Directory for File Open and Save As

This field can be used to set a default directory for Open or Save As dialog. If left undefined, ID will start at the last directory that was accessed for opening or saving a handler.

DB Query Step Database Operations

These settings are used by the DB Query tool.

Timeout for datasource retrieval

The number of seconds that the tool will wait to retrieve datasources displayed in the Data Source dropdown listbox. Setting the timeout period to zero will cause the tool to wait indefinitely.

Include synonyms in the Table listbox

If this box is checked, synonyms will be included in the Table Name listbox. Including synonyms can increase the amount of time needed for the query, so some users may not want to include them.

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