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Starting Interaction Designer with command line parameters

The following command line parameters can be used when starting Interaction Designer.

Command Line Parameter


/HandlerOpenAutoXMLPath={location where .xml files will be created}

Creates an xml version of each handler opened in the specified directory.

For example, if Designer is launched with:


and then the handler "MyHandler1.ihd" is opened, Designer automatically
generates a file named "MyHandler1.xml" in c:\temp which contains the XML for MyHandler1 when the handler was opened.

/intermediatepublish:{name of text file that contains list of .ihd files for intermediate publish}

Generates an .i3pub file for each .ihd file in the text file.

/notifier={server name}

Tells Interaction Designer which server to use as the CIC server for publishing, debugging, and other operations which requiring a connection to an CIC server.

/publish:{name of text file that contains list of .ihd files to be published}

Tells Interaction Designer to open each .IHD file in the text file and attempt to publish it. If all the handlers are published successfully, then Interaction Designer will automatically close itself. Otherwise, it will remain open with the failing handlers open.


Resets windows to original default size and position.


Opens Interaction Designer with the main window minimized.



Generates a text file containing a listing of tools by category (tab), showing the tool (or initiator) label followed by modulename::toolname. It can also help you figure out which dll & src dir a particular tool came from.