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Tracker VoiceMail Data

This System tool is used to track voice mail or fax actions and their dispositions.


Call Id Key

Call ID of the call taking action or leaving a voice mail (optional),

User Id

User name value from CIC.

User Organization

(Not used for CIC.)

VoiceMail Id

Guid created and assigned to the call or fax on creation, forward, or reply actions. If not supplied, operations cannot be chained to original vociemails or faxes. (Optional)


Message length on new, forward, or reply. (Optional for listen or delete action.)

Mailbox Extension

Targeted mailbox extension.

Action Start Time

Starting time of voicemail or fax.

Note: The difference between the start and end times may differ from the message duration because of other operations that can occur to speed up or slow down playback, recording, or processing.

Action End Time

Ending time of voice mail or fax. See note above.

Disposition Type

One of the following:

  • (N)ew

  • (L)isten

  • (D)elete

  • (F)orward

  • (R)eply

Source Type

Source of the voicemail:

  1. ExternalTUI

  2. InternalTUI

  3. Application/Web

  4. External User

  5. Internal User

  6. Unknown

Exit Paths


This tool always takes the Next exit path.