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PureConnect with Genesys Intelligent Automation

PureConnect combined with Genesys Intelligent Automation provides businesses with the ability to rapidly deploy omnichannel self-service functionality to their customers, including intelligent call steering, for a more efficient and personalized customer experience. This self-service solution for inbound voice channels allows a business to automate or partially automate incoming customer requests. Businesses can also use it for digital channels, such as chat and web IVR. This service can provide faster response times to customer queries, and reduce the load on contact center agents. Genesys Intelligent Automation, formerly known as SpeechStorm and GAAP, provides non-technical users with a high level of control over the management and configuration of self-service customer experience, using a web-based interface.

Genesys Intelligent Automation's Control Center makes it easy to build and maintain simple and complex dialog flows by providing a drag-and drop interface and applying intelligent defaults to each item in the dialog flow. Configuring audio prompts is as simple as typing the text to play (when using text-to-speech) or uploading a pre-recorded audio file, similar to attaching a file to an email. Intelligent Automation also provides tools to assist with studio recording sessions and prompt translation.

PureConnect with Genesys Intelligent Automation is available for both on-premises and cloud implementations of PureConnect.

Pre-built microapps

A key component of Intelligent Automation is the availability of pre-built, configurable microapps that you can trigger from any part of a dialog flow. These microapps cover a diverse list of self-service and assisted-service scenarios, such as customer identification and balance enquiry. For more information about these microapps, download the Genesys Intelligent Automation Microapps Catalogue from

Licensed components



Intelligent Automation Omnichannel Self Service

Provides a web-based design tool for dialog flows, including reusable microapps for common dialog tasks. It also provides a dynamic runtime environment that generates VoiceXML for interactions over the voice channel.

Chatbot Channel

Subscription on-premises

  • CS-GIA-CHATBASE-SUB: 200k initial yearly chatbot transaction purchase

  • CS-GIA-CHATADD-SUB: 100k add-on chatbot transaction increments


  • CS-GIA-CHATBASE: 200k initial yearly chatbot transaction purchase

  • CS-GIA-CHATADD: 100k add-on chatbot transaction increments


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