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Configuration Overview

The Configuration area of the Interaction Optimizer Home page includes tools to help you configure scheduling units, define agent groups, set up shift properties, and create shift rotations.

Note: Before you configure settings, select the appropriate scheduling unit from the Interaction Optimizer Home page Scheduling unit drop-down list.

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Scheduling Units

Configure default values for properties including agent schedule preference versus coverage focus, week name, schedule name, and activity bidding.

Agent Groups

Define which agents will be compared for schedule bidding and schedule preference choices, add agent groups, filter agents within agent groups, view agent ranking, edit agent data.

Staff Types

Configure agents into staff types


Define the properties for scheduling, including weekly constraints, daily constraints, and agent activities.

Shift Rotations

Assign agents to a rotation definition so that the agents can start on different weeks with different shift start times.

Agent Details

View a list of agent information

Shift Tracking

Define the settings for agent-initiated trading of schedules or partial schedules

Operating limits

View operating limits for a scheduling unit.


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