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Intraday Management Overview

The Intraday Management area of the Interaction Optimizer Home page allows authorized users to analyze actual versus forecasting data, reforecast based on current daily trends, and provides the latest schedule adherence information for currently scheduled agents. Intraday monitoring allows you compare actual activity of the day to forecast activity of the day. This monitoring provides the information to analyze and make any necessary changes to the schedule for the rest of the day. For example, if the analysis shows that the actual needs for the day are much higher than the forecast needs, then additional agents could be called in for the afternoon, or perhaps a non-critical afternoon training session could be cancelled. You cannot calculate service levels or ASA on the CIC server.

Note: Before you configure Intraday Management, make sure you select the appropriate Scheduling unit from the Interaction Optimizer Home page.

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Intraday Monitoring

Shows actual activity on a specific day compared to forecast data.  Allows reforecasting the forecast based on current trends for the day.

Real-time Adherence

Provides the latest schedule adherence information for agents currently scheduled.

Adherence Exceptions

View and excuse adherence exceptions.


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