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Interaction Optimizer Help

The Interaction Optimizer add-on module in IC Business Manager supports a wide range of workforce management functionality. Within the module, you can make configuration changes, work with schedules, and evaluate intraday differences between forecast and actual values. Use the intuitive user interface to make all the normal scheduling edits, apply time off requests, and then publish the schedule. The new interface also allows you to see real-time adherence (RTA) events on current or previous schedules, and to use intraday monitoring to compare actual activity of the day to forecast activity of the day.

If a user does not have any Interaction Optimizer Access Control Rights or Security Rights, the Interaction Optimizer workspace does not appear in IC Business Manager. After an administrator grants the user an access control or security right and the user restarts or refreshes IC Business Manager, the Interaction Optimizer workspace appears.

Contact your administrator if you have questions about your Interaction Optimizer access control or security rights.

For more information, see About the Interaction Optimizer Module, and Additional Resources.