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The Interaction Process Automation Monitor (IPA Monitor), a module in IC Business Manager and IC Server Manager, is a management tool for monitoring, tracking, and interacting with running process instances.

All process instances that are currently running appear in the process view workspace. Move your mouse pointer over the image above or click on an area to view information about the IPA Monitor.

You can use IPA Monitor to do the following:

  • View basic information and details for all instances of the processes for which you have view rights.

  • Create a filtered view of the processes you're interested in. You can filter by a specific process, by the process owner, the length of time an instance has been running, the current state, the originator of the process instance, etc.

  • Cancel a process instance for which you have modify rights.

  • Display detailed information for a process, including schema variables, tasks, etc.

  • Retry an action that previously resulted in an error.

  • Restart a process that previously resulted in an error.

Rev. March 7, 2019