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About Interaction Reporter

Interaction Reporter, an add-on module for IC Business Manager, allows you to generate pre-defined reports. Depending on the report, Interaction Reporter uses the ActiveReports 6 or Crystal Reports reporting runtime. Using a report Filter, simply configure the report parameters and run the report. Report Filters can be saved to be used again, and a filter can also be exported to a file.

Depending on the report, when viewing a report, you can use the Report Viewer Toolbar to annotate a report, print a report, and export a report for distribution. You can also customize your Interaction Reporter Workspace to display multiple Views.

Reports are organized in the Navigation Pane by category. The report categories are:

  • Analyzer Reports

  • Dialer Reports

  • Interaction Optimizer

  • Line Reports

  • Queue Reports

  • Interaction Quality Manager Reports

  • Tracker Reports

  • User Reports

  • Wrap-Up Codes

  • Account Code - Supervisor

  • Agent Queue Activation

  • Call - Supervisor

  • Director

  • DNIS

  • General Administrative

  • Interaction Feedback

  • IVR

  • Queue / Wrap-up

  • Legacy Historical Reports
    Note  By default, Legacy Historical Reports category is not visible. To display this category, from Interaction Administrator, in the Report Management node, select Report Configuration. On the Report Configuration page, in the Categories list, select Legacy Historical Reports, and click the icon Edit the selected Category. In the Edit Category dialog, select Visible.

  • Legacy Reports
    Note  The Legacy Reports category contains reports that are generated using ActiveReports. The reports in the Legacy Reports category have been replaced in Interaction Reporter in IC Business Manager with new versions built on Crystal Reports. The new Crystal reports can be found in Interaction Reporter under their respective categories. For example, the new Crystal User reports can be found under the User Reports category, and the new Crystal Queue reports can be found under the Queue Reports category.

To learn more about Interaction Reporter, see About the Interface.


Report Management

Report Management, in Interaction Administrator, allows you to configure reports that were created using ActiveReports and Crystal Reports. The reports configured in Report Management are run in Interaction Reporter in IC Business Manager. The Report Management Report Configuration page allows you to edit and manage metadata related to a report.

For more information on Report Management, see the Interaction Administrator Help and the PureConnect Reporting Technical Reference. The latest versions of documents can be accessed from the PureConnect Documentation Library on the Genesys Web site at:


PureConnect Data Dictionary

The PureConnect Data Dictionary Technical Reference provides a concise and detailed description of the database tables IC uses to store and generate reports on historical data. This includes information stored for interactions, queue statistics, agent and user activity, line and line groups, administrative changes, and other Interaction Administrator configuration information. This document assists you in understanding the structure and contents of IC tables.

For more information, see the PureConnect Data Dictionary Technical Reference located in the PureConnect Documentation Library on the Genesys Web site at: