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SOAP Notifier COM API Developer's Guide


SOAP Notifier COM is a set of software components that allow custom applications to invoke handlers. SOAP Notifier COM objects issue SOAP notifications from automation compatible applications and add support for Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0. Microsoft's SOAP Toolkit makes it possible for programmers to invoke a web service as if they were invoking a method of an object.

SOAP Notifier COM components provide a high-performance method of calling handlers without incurring the performance penalty of HTTP-based Listener operations. Third-party applications created using the SOAP Notifier COM components can directly create and forward packets to Interaction Processor, bypassing the need to create packets received using HTTP and the SOAP Listener task. These packets are identical to those created by SOAP ISAPI Listener. However, the process is faster than HTTP-based Listener operations.

SOAP Notifier COM is appropriate for Windows client workstations that can run COM applications. It is not appropriate for operating systems (Linux, for example) that do not support COM.


This publication is for programmers who want to invoke handlers from third-party applications using SOAP Notifier COM objects. It is assumed that the developer is already familiar with XML, SOAP, WSDL, Microsoft SOAP Toolkit, and with a programming language that supports Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM).

Developers can acquire background understanding of SOAP functionality in the IC environment by reading the "IC and SOAP API Developer's Guide". It provides primers on SOAP and XML, and discusses client/server components that implement SOAP functionality in IC. It explains how to install and configure the SOAP ISAPI Listener DLL, SOAP Notifier COM components, and the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit, with instructions for using the SOAP Tracer utility, and information about SOAP Tools and SOAP Notifier COM objects.

This document assumes that SOAP Notifier COM Components and Microsoft's SOAP Toolkit are already installed. If not, follow installation procedures in "IC and SOAP API Developer's Guide".

Organization of Material

Developers use standard object-oriented programming techniques to manipulate the methods and properties of SOAP Notifier COM objects. When a COM component is loaded into memory, its functions are mapped to internal memory addresses. A COM interface is simply a pointer to a location in memory where a set of functions is stored. Functions are called methods by COM programmers. The methods and properties of each interface are described in the Interfaces section.