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Configure Optional Genesys Predictive Engagement Server Parameters in Interaction Administrator

Optional server parameters are available to configure in Interaction Administrator to control the availability updates.

Availability Update Parameters

You can use these server parameters to disable updates or change the rate at which updates are sent:

  • AltocloudPacingRateOverrideMilliseconds -- Without this server parameter in use, PureConnect sends availability updates every five seconds. This parameter allows you to change the rate at which updates are sent. The value assigned to this parameter must be in milliseconds. For example, use 5000 for 5 seconds. 3000 (3 seconds) is the minimum (slowest) value you can assign. There is not a maximum value.
  • AltocloudPacingDisabledUpdates -- If set to yes or 1, the availability updates are turned off.

For more information about availability updates, see Enable Workgroup Queue Availability Updates.