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Create Genesys Predictive Engagement Segments, Business Outcomes, and Action Maps

In the Predictive Engagement Admin UI:

  • Create segments (optional), which let you identify visitors with shared characteristics or behaviors.
    For more information about segments, see Segments in the Genesys Predictive Engagement documentation.
  • Create business outcomes (optional). Predictive Engagement uses your outcomes to analyze which website visitors achieve your business goals and to score progress of future visitors.
    For more information about business outcomes, see Outcomes in the Predictive Engagement documentation.
  • Create action maps (required). Action maps represent the steps that Predictive Engagement will take when a customer satisfies the criteria you specify. The action map configuration identifies the customer activity that triggers the action and the action that results.
    For more information about action maps, see Action Maps in the Predictive Engagement documentation.

For more information about the Predictive Engagement Admin UI, see Get Started in the Predictive Engagement documentation.