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Genesys Predictive Engagement is a customer journey analytics platform that analyzes all kinds of customer journey behavior and data. Your organization can use it to observe and analyze visitors on your digital properties, such as websites. Genesys Predictive Engagement can predict what it will take for visitors to achieve a desirable business outcome, and then it acts to offer the most appropriate and effective channel to assist them in completing their journey.

Predictive Engagement and PureConnect

Predictive Engagement integrates with Interaction Connect, the PureConnect browser-based application where agents handle customer interactions, such as calls, email, and chats. The integration supports both PureConnect Cloud and PureConnect on-premises customers.

In the integration, a predictive engagement service hosted on the Genesys Cloud platform determines when to initiate a chat with a website visitor and which workgroup should handle the interaction based on current agent availability. Once Predictive Engagement offers a chat, the chat interaction is created and routed just like any other interaction.

Once a chat is connected to an agent in Interaction Connect, the agent can view a map that outlines the visitor's journey on the website.

For a description of the elements included in the journey map, see Customer Journey in the Predictive Engagement documentation.

Future versions of the integration will support additional interaction types.