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Recovery of SMS interactions

Previously, following a switchover, SMS users had to reconnect and wait for an agent. Starting with CIC 2016 R4, the Interaction Recovery Service subsystem recovers SMS interactions with a transition that is almost seamless. Once switchover occurs, the WebProcessor subsystem prepares the mirrored interactions.

Note the following:

  • Automatically generated status messages are lost after switchover. However, the switchover process replicates all of the other texts that are exchanged during the SMS session.

  • The switchover behavior of the CIC clients is the same as it was in switchovers before CIC 2016 R4.

  • All SMS responses typed during the switchover are maintained. They are not lost.

The following table provides configuration information for the recovery of SMS interactions.

Enabled by default?

No. Requires a server parameter.

Server parameter

SMS Interaction Recovery Enabled

Set this parameter to 1. For more information, see Optional Switchover Server parameters.

Requires a subsystem restart?

Yes. Restart the WebProcessor subsystem on the active server and reboot the backup server. After the parameter is enabled and the backup server has restarted, the Interaction Recovery Service subsystem performs a full synchronization of SMS interactions with the active server.

For information about a known side effect of enabling this server parameter, see A note about the loss of duration information for interactions.
For information about why SMS chats may not be retained during a switchover even when this parameter is set, see SMS chats are not retained during a switchover.
The recovery of SMS generic objects requires that you also configure the IonNotifier parameter. For information, see Call Recovery Feature Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.