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Application updates (subsequent installs)

New versions of the CIC Web Applications are located at Download and unzip the new version of the applications before completing the instructions that follow.

Back up existing applications

Back up Genesys web application files before performing updates. Backing up the files allows you to roll back the installation if necessary.

All CIC Web Applications should exist in a single directory, which should be zipped and backed up. Genesys recommends adding the date and release number to the zip file's name.

Upgrade Interaction Connect

As of 2016 R1, Interaction Connect supports add-ins. When upgrading Interaction Connect, back up the add-ins and config directories before upgrading Interaction Connect.

In the following instructions, [client] is the Interaction Connect root directory on your web server. For example, if Interaction Connect is in a directory named client, back up client/addins and client/config.

To upgrade Interaction Connect

  1. Back up the [client]/addins and the [client]/config directories.

  2. Download and unzip the new version of Interaction Connect. See steps 2-4 in All server types: download, unzip, and copy application files for detailed instructions.

  3. In the unzipped folder, navigate to web_files/client and copy the contents inside of the client directory.

    Note: If you copy the entire client directory, instead of the contents of the client directory, you will need to add the backed up [client]/addins and [client]/config directories back to the [client] directory after upgrading.

  4. Move the copied files for the new version of Interaction Connect into the [client] directory for the CIC Web Applications on your web server, replacing files when they collide.

  5. Verify that [client]/addins and [client]/config have the appropriate files.

Copy files to the web server

Copy only the application directories, leaving in place other files such as configuration files. In the following examples, source is a directory that solely contains the unzipped application directories.


ROBOCOPY \path\to\source \path\to\webserver\root /e


rsync -a /path/to/source/ /path/to/webserver/root/


To rollback an update, use the zip file you created as a backup to replace the files currently in place.