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Configure Director Server

The Configuration tab in the Director Server Configuration dialog box allows you to manage Director server configuration settings. The system requires and supports one Director server configuration only. You cannot add or delete the Director server configuration. You can only change the settings.

For more information, see the Interaction Administrator Help at

To configure Director server

  1. On the Monitored Server, start Interaction Administrator and then click Interaction Director.

  1. In the list view, double-click Configuration. The Configuration tab in the Director Server Configuration dialog box appears.

Site ID: Unique number that identifies this Director server. This ID cannot be the same as the site ID of a redundant Director server or any CIC server.

Call Routing Timeout (sec): Number of seconds that Director waits to route a call before timing out.

E-mail Routing Timeout (min): Number of minutes that Director waits to route an email message before timing out.

Refresh: Redisplays the redundancy state of this Director server.

Switch: Switches between redundancy states with the other Director server in the switchover pair.

  1.  Click OK.

  2. To dump a trace log for Director server, in the list view, right-click Configuration and then click Dump Server Trace. A confirmation dialog box appears.

  3. Click Yes. A notification dialog box appears.

  4. Click OK. The system writes all current configuration information (such as sites, queues, users, skills, enterprise workgroups) to the trace log file.