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Enterprise Groups Container

The Enterprise Groups container in Interaction Administrator allows you to manage enterprise groups, queue assignments, post-call weights, and skill requirements. An Enterprise Group is the target destination of a routed call. It is a collection of CIC queues at the various sites where calls can route. For example, an enterprise group named "Corporate Sales EG" can include a sales queue on server CIC_Chicago and a sales queue on server CIC_Atlanta. Director associates routing rules that determine where to send calls in an enterprise group. 

In a configuration with two sites, enterprise groups can have only two queues. The queues are the queue at the local site that receives the external call and is making the routing requests, and the queue at the remote site to which a call can route. In a configuration with more than two sites, you can have multiple queues in the enterprise group. You can even have multiple queues from a single site in the enterprise group.

You cannot route to a queue on the originating site that is different from the one that the external call is waiting in when the site makes the route request. To have correct ACD statistics for the external call when viewed solely from the viewpoint of the original queue, the call must remain in the original queue no matter what site answers it.

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