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Create an on-demand survey

On-demand surveys are initiated in Interaction Attendant. For detailed instructions on adding an on-demand survey to an Interaction Attendant profile, see the Help topic, Add inbound IVR surveys to Interaction Attendant profiles in the Interaction Attendant Help.

Follow these steps to create an on-demand survey.

  1. Under Survey Definition, select the survey group for which you want to create a survey.

  2. Click Add Survey AddSurveyButton.

    The Create Survey Wizard is started.

  3. On the Create Survey Wizard Welcome page, click Next.

    The Library Selection page is displayed.

    As this is a new survey, you will not be selecting a template from the Library.

  4. Select Create new survey, and click Next.

    The Survey Type Selection page is displayed.

  5. On the Survey Type Selection page, select On Demand and click Next.

    The Survey Settings page is displayed.

  6. On the Survey Settings page, type a Name and Description for your new survey.

  7. Select a Rank Group for your survey.

  8. Enter a Minimum Acceptable Percentage for this survey.

    This is the value that is used to create Alerts in Interaction Supervisor.

  9. Click Next.

    The Survey Prompts page is displayed.

On the Survey Prompts page, select the prompts to use for this survey. You can preview available prompts, or create a new prompt from this page.

  1. In the Welcome box, select a prompt that welcomes the customer to the survey and provides instructions on how to take the survey, such as how to repeat a question or how to skip a question.

    To preview the selected prompt, click the play button.

    To create a new prompt, select [add recording].

    The Prompt Edit dialog is displayed.

    Prompt Audio

    To record an audio prompt from your telephone, select Station handset record, and click Record. To use an existing audio file for your prompt, select WAV file selection, and click Browse to select the file path.

    Listen to Prompt

    To listen to the prompt, in the Play To box, select the output device, and click Play.

    Prompt Information

    Type the name for this prompt in the Name box. Type the full text of this prompt in the Enter text-to-speech that will play if prompt is unavailable box.

    When you have completed the Prompt Edit dialog, click Save.

  2. In the Finish box, select a prompt that is played at the completion of the survey.

    You can preview available prompts by clicking the play button.

    Or you can create your own Finish prompt by selecting [add recording].

  3. Click Create. You have successfully created your on-demand survey, and you have the following options:

    • You can add questions to your survey by selecting the Create question now check box, and clicking Finish, which displays the Create Question Wizard

    • You can click Finish and add questions later. When you click Finish, the survey is added to the end of the list of surveys in the survey group.

    A new custom survey is indicated by a survey icon NewSurveyPurpleIcon.

    On-demand IVR surveys are initiated in Interaction Attendant. An on-demand survey must be marked Active in order to be available for use in Interaction Attendant. For more information, see Activate a survey.