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License requirements

Interaction Feedback is licensed separately from CIC. Five Interaction Feedback component licenses are required. Be sure to purchase your Interaction Feedback licenses ahead of the time when you plan to install and test a new installation or upgrade from a previous release. The following licenses are required for Interaction Feedback.




Interaction Feedback Client workstation access license. This license is required for an IC Business Manager user to access the Interaction Feedback module for survey configuration or results viewing and to view Interaction Feedback statistics within Interaction Supervisor.

The license is also required for users to have a survey applied to an interaction in which they were a participant.


This license component enables all feature functionality of Interaction Feedback on the CIC server. Having this feature component in the CIC server license bundle enables the Interaction Feedback survey subsystem and the configuration containers in Interaction Administrator. This Server license also enables the Feedback reports.

Interaction Feedback base license for CIC server installation includes and automatically enables the I3_FEATURE_POST_CALL_FEEDBACK license, which enables post-call surveys, and the I3_FEATURE_INBOUND_FEEDBACK license, which enables on-demand surveys.