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Interaction Feedback is an IC Business Manager program module that supports automated post-call customer satisfaction surveys and on-demand surveys. Interaction Feedback gives business users the ability to easily create surveys using the Create Survey Wizard. Surveys can be quickly created with pre-defined industry standard templates. Customized questions can be simply created using Interaction Feedback Tools, for creating prompts and managing questions.

Completed survey results are available for viewing immediately in the Interaction Feedback Client. Business users can get at-a-glance information for completed surveys using the Interaction Feedback Dashboard, giving organizations immediate insight into customers' experiences. For more detailed Survey Results, Interaction Feedback has extensive search and filtering capabilities, providing summary and detailed information for specific completed customer surveys.

The Interaction Feedback Statistics View in IC Business Manager provides business users the ability to view real-time statistics for surveys in progress—surveys customers are in the process of taking—as well as completed surveys and surveys where participants have opted out or abandoned. Interaction Feedback also takes advantage of the Interaction Supervisor Alerting mechanism in IC Business Manager, which is triggered by survey scores. This allows business users to receive immediate notifications when surveys fail to meet a minimum acceptable score. Real-time monitoring provides valuable customer feedback and helps to understand what you are doing well and what immediate actions might need to be taken to meet customer expectations.

Interaction Reporter reports, available in IC Business Manager, include pre-defined reports for Interaction Feedback. These reports contain summary and detailed information on completed customer satisfaction surveys.

After installation, Interaction Feedback is easily configured in Interaction Administrator. Interaction Feedback settings are configured in its container under System Configuration. Licensing for accessing Interaction Feedback features is also controlled in Interaction Administrator.