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TrackerAdmin C# Example

C# source in the ExampleApps\TrackerAdmin folder helps you understand classes in the ININ.IceLib.Tracker namespace. The TreeView in the left pane allows you to select Address Types, Attribute Types, InteractionAddress Types, InteractionAddress Subtypes, Titles, Individual Types, and Organization Types. These elements correspond to classes in the Tracker namespace.

For example, AddressTypes classify addresses within Tracker. The Name property of an AddressType is what is often displayed in applications. Typical AddressType names are: billing, business, home, and shipping.

OrganizationTypes classify Organizations within Tracker. Typical OrganizationType names are: System, External, Internal, Customer, Partner, Vendor, and so on.

InteractionAddressTypes classify interaction addresses within Tracker. Typical InteractionAddressType names are: Chat, Email, Fax, and Pager.

Each IndividualInteractionAddress, LocationInteractionAddress, and OrganizationInteractionAddress contains an InteractionAddressType member that is used to hold the address type that it represents. A typical IndividualInteractionAddress may contain an interaction address type of Phone and an interaction address subtype of Assistant.

AddressTypes in Interaction Tracker.