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Voicemail Capabilities

Voicemail functionality is implemented by classes that allow a .NET developer to playback voice messages received by a CIC server as well as to monitor for new incoming messages. Developers can tap into the voicemail recording capabilities of the CIC server in order to create new voicemail audio.

Playback functionality is provided through the VoicemailMessage object. It allows a developer to play a voice message to any of the following locations:

  • Handset - the handset associated with the station a user is currently logged into. In the case of SIP audio, the handset is a set of speakers or headphones. In a traditional phone setup, the handset is typically a phone receiver.

  • Number - a remote phone number

  • Station - a station defined in CIC

The API also offers the ability to control the state of a voicemail by marking it as read (acknowledged) or not.