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Interaction Process Automation

Interaction Process Automation (IPA) takes the advanced communications technologies available in CIC and applies them to process automation, giving organizations a cost-effective way to automate business processes end-to-end. IPA uses intelligent queuing and routing to provide a flexible distribution of process work, using presence to indicate availability for work assignment and to speed processing time. The supporting files for the IPA components are automatically installed with the CIC server and workstation application installs.

Starting with CIC 2017 R1, the more scalable Process Automation Server Version 2 (PASv2) is the only version of the Process Automation Server that is installed on the CIC server. Starting with CIC 2016 R2, a PASv2 off-server install is available on the CIC .iso to install PASv2 on a non-CIC Server.

For licensing, requirements, and configuration instructions, see the Interaction Process Automation Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.