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CIC uses a system management module for licensing. You can manage licenses on the CIC server and flexibly allocate those licenses. As your business changes and grows, you can easily view the status of your product licenses. This helps to better manage your budgeting concerns when increasing counts of features and functions on your system.

Manage and configure your CIC product licenses using the Activation File Management Tool, at New license types offer you more flexibility in developing new applications and performing trials on new functionality.

PureConnect has an application server license model. All features and functions are turned on with licensing rather than installing modules at a later time frame. This makes it much easier for system administrators to add functionality to the system through licensing and subsequent configuration.

  • Server features and functionality are licensed per server, referred to as Feature Licenses. Each server is licensed in a multi-server environment. Turn on features and functionality on each server with the server feature license. The CIC server has a base server license with add-on server features that can be purchased as a package or individually.

  • CIC client features are licensed by user, station, or both (based on the feature) and are referred to as Client Access Licenses. User licenses are either assignable or concurrent, and station licenses are assignable only.

  • An ACD Access license is required for ACD functionality. It can be assigned to users, stations, or both.

  • The licensing structure includes a simplified port model. There are three types of ports: External Call Ports, TIE line ports, and Outbound Dialing Ports.

  • All stations require a Basic Station license. Each client type does include a station.

  • You can also configure a remote station. In Remote Licenses, all CIC clients that login remotely use a station license when calls are directed to the remote station, such as a cell phone, home phone, or PBX phone.

  • The I3_FEATURE_SU_ALLOWED feature license key, which signifies a current Licensing, Maintenance, and Support contract with Genesys, must be present in the CIC server license in order to apply CIC release updates.

  • Production licenses include the information for both servers in a Switchover pair. This single license file can be applied to both machines.

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