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These PureConnect program components are either part of Interaction Process Automation or work directly with Interaction Process Automation in some way:

Component Who uses it? What does it do?

Interaction Process Automation Designer (IPA Designer)

The person who designs processes (process designer)

This module in IC Server Manager has a graphical process definition interface. It allows the process designer to:

  • Define the information necessary for the process.

  • Define the states through which the work moves in the process.

  • Define the tasks performed in each state.

  • Create the work items presented to users assigned to work on the tasks.

Interaction Process Automation Monitor (IPA Monitor)


This module is a real-time supervisory module in both IC Business Manager and IC Server Manager. This module displays the status of every process, its current state, what or who it is waiting on, how long it has been running, and more. Users can only view the data for which they have authorization.

Interaction Administrator


This program allows the administrator to configure security, access control, licensing, and other aspects of CIC, and also includes configuration options for Interaction Process Automation.

Customer Interaction Center


This program provides a range of built-in contact center applications including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), skills-based routing, multimedia queuing, call recording, screen recording, predictive dialing, workforce optimization (agent scheduling), and speech analytics.

Interaction Connect


The Interaction Connect is a web-based application that allows users to complete tasks that are part of a process. Work items represent these tasks. A work item is a form that gathers information. Work items could represent the tasks involved in processing a customer order, a loan application, an insurance claim, or other form of work.

Interaction Desktop


This program is a client application for Customer Interaction Center. This desktop application allows users to access Customer Interaction Center features and acts as a graphical call manager. With IPA, it allows users to deal with their assigned work items and search for an existing or running process and see its status. Starting a process instance in Interaction Desktop “pops” a work item that allows the user to input information. It could also invoke an existing application and pre-fill it with the appropriate information.

Interaction Designer


This program is a graphical application generator you can use to write the programs (handlers) that control various interaction processing behaviors within CIC.

Interaction Attendant

Supervisors or Administrators

This program is a graphical call flow manager. It allows organizations to create IVR menus and determine how to route and queue calls, emails, and other interactions within the organization.

Interaction Supervisor


This program includes the ability to monitor and view queued work items.

ACD Server


This server is a subsystem on the CIC server that can calculate agent and interaction scores quickly to route interactions effectively. ACD includes a new Work Item interaction type for Interaction Process Automation.

Process Automation Server


This server is a subsystem on the CIC server. It does the following:

  • Parses the process definitions created in IPA Designer.

  • Watches for configuration changes and sends notifications to Session Manager.

  • Executes processes and their actions.

  • Creates and monitors work item interactions.

  • Writes process data to the database.

  • Calculates and sends status updates for action executions and errors to the IPA Monitor.

  • Enforces security specifications on data leaving the server.

  • PAS uses a Microsoft SQL Server database to store and retrieve data used by processes in any ODBC-compliant database.