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Configure CIC dial plan

There are two options you can use to configure the dial plan.

  • The preferred option is to add phone numbers for all Lync-only users to the dial plan.

  • The alternate option is to give all Lync-only phone numbers a prefix, such as Lync, so you can easily create a pattern that encompasses that group of users and numbers.

If your organization has any Lync-only users, you should create Dial Plan entries that use the Lync line when dialing the Lync-only users. This Dial Plan entry prevents the calls from dialing through the PSTN.

For example, if you dial a Lync-only user from the Lync-enabled company directory, a call is placed to a number, such as +13177155555. There should be a Dial Plan rule that captures this process and sends it to the Lync line. You can, for example, create an entry that captures all numbers that start with +1317715.

This procedure assumes that you are using the preferred option, where you specify a block or range of phone numbers.

  1. Click Phone Numbers under System Configuration.

  2. Double-click the default configuration.

  3. On the Regional Dial Plan tab, click Dial Plan.

  4. Click Add, and then add a dial plan entry with the following information:

    In this field…


    Input Pattern

    +13175559XXX (some pattern to identify numbers for Lync-only users)



    Standardized Number


    Display String


    Edit Base


  5. Click Add Group and select the line group (for example, Lync LG) that you created earlier.

  6. Click OK.

  7. In the list of dial plan entries, move the new entry above the ?@Z entry. Click OK.

  8. Use the simulator to test the dial plan entry (+13175559123).

    For more information, see the Interaction Administrator help.

  9. Click OK twice.

You can edit the Display String field to format the string that appears in the company directory in the CIC client.