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Configuring the merged company directory

The merged company directory appears in the CIC client when the Lync-enabled Company Directory view is added. It combines the list of Customer Interaction Center users with the list of Lync users and enables communication between them.

The merged company directory is a server feature that takes Lync contacts from Active Directory and merges them with the list of CIC users. The directory indicates the CIC status and/or Lync presence information for each user, depending on the user type:

For users of this type…

The merged company directory displays…

CIC-only users

CIC status

Lync-enabled CIC users

CIC status and Lync presence

Lync-only users

Lync presence

For more information about the user types, see User types in CIC and Lync integration concepts and terminology.

As the administrator, you can enable and configure the merged company directory to supplement the default CIC company directory.

How the merged directory is created

To create the merged company directory, the LDAP Data Manager queries Active Directory at a specified interval to pull in attributes for Lync users. Then, Session Manager merges the Lync contacts with the company directory.

Users must add the Lync-enabled Company Directory view in the CIC client and configure the columns to show the Status Summary column.


The merged company directory requires the I3_Feature_Lync feature license. You should acquire that license before installing CIC.

Create a user with access to Active Directory

The next step is to create a user account with permissions to read Active Directory (access control, workgroups, general directories, view permission, LDAP directory).

Configuration of the merged directory in Interaction Administrator

CIC creates an LDAP data source for Lync contacts automatically, as long as the Lync feature license is present. If the license isn't present when you install CIC, create the data source manually.

The following is a list of the Lync configuration tasks in Interaction Administrator: