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Configuring users for the integration

The following information describes how to enable Lync-enabled CIC users. Lync Server sets the user attributes in Active Directory and CIC reads the attributes to obtain Lync configuration information for each user.


Before being enabled for the integration, a user must:

  • Be associated with a Windows NT domain account in their Interaction Administrator user configuration. If there is no domain association, an error dialog appears.

  • Have an extension specified in their Interaction Administrator user configuration.

  • Be enabled for Lync Server. To enable a user for Lync Server, use the Microsoft Lync Server Control Panel on the Lync front-end server. For more information about enabling users for Lync Server, see Enable users for Lync Server.

Configure user settings

To configure user settings on the CIC server:

  1. In Interaction Administrator, click Users under People to display the list of users.

  2. Double-click the user name to display the User Configuration dialog box.

  3. Under Microsoft Lync Settings on the Configuration tab, do one of the following:

    • Specify the user's SIP address in the User Address box, and specify the station's contact address in the Line URI box. The station's contact address is the same address you specified in the station configuration.

    • Click Lookup Settings to auto-fill the Microsoft Lync Settings information with the user's Windows NT domain information from Active Directory.

  4. Select the Enable Presence Synchronization check box.

  5. Click OK to save the settings.