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About the PureConnect Integration to Oracle Service Cloud

The PureConnect and Oracle Service Cloud (formerly Oracle RightNow) integration helps mid-size to large enterprises increase productivity and improve customer service by combining Oracle’s agent and web-facing features with CIC’s IVR and multichannel queuing and routing capabilities. Features include:

  • Universal queuing of calls with all Oracle Service Cloud interaction types (chats, incidents, social media, Web forms, emails, etc.) for enhanced agent responsiveness

  • Single-agent desktop application that eliminates the need to move between systems and increases agent productivity

  • Customizable screen pop with the ability to transfer the pop from agent to agent (available for calls, Oracle Service Cloud incidents and chats)

  • Media bar presentation for “quick access” to call controls, company directory, presence management

  • Context-rich click-to-dial within Oracle Service Cloud client (contact, opportunity, incident)

  • Integration available in PureConnect Cloud and on-premises

  • Unified activity reporting from interaction details stored within the Oracle Service Cloud data repository  

The PureConnect Integration to Oracle Service Cloud has the following parts:

  • The incident and chat Integration Service

  • The handlers

  • The Media Bar and EmailConfig.Views Add-Ins

  • The Interaction ScriptAssist utility

  • The report definition file and custom objects

  • Queues and queue rules

Special Notices

Oracle Service Cloud / RightNow Integration may fail to connect starting November 30, 2016

(last updated 2-Sep-2016)

Current versions of the CIC Oracle Service Cloud / RightNow Integration will begin to fail connections starting November 30, 2016. This statement applies to the integrations in CIC 2015 R3 through CIC 2016 R4, or earlier. Oracle Service Cloud servers will require network connections using TLS 1.1 or 1.2, but the current integration is based on Microsoft .NET 4.0, which supports only TLS 1.0. The new TLS requirements go into effect starting November 30th, 2016 for PCI zone customers, and March 31st, 2017 for non-PCI zone customers. For more information and for solutions to work around this issue, see KB Q147283662000060.