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Using the PureConnect Media Bar

The PureConnect Media Bar is a fully functioning CIC client located on a toolbar in the Oracle Service Cloud Console. This toolbar controls CIC client functions within Oracle Service Cloud and is integrated into the Oracle Service Cloud interface. It contains buttons for logging on or logging out, making calls, setting your status, as well as other basic CIC client functions.

Tip: The most reliable method for call control is to use the buttons available in the PureConnect Media Bar.

Note: Any of these buttons can be unavailable if the currently selected interaction is not in a state in which the action associated with the button can be performed. For example, "Pickup" is not available if you do not have a currently selected interaction.

These buttons appear on the PureConnect Media Bar:

Icon or Label


The label on the Logon / Logoff button changes, depending on whether you are currently logged on to the CIC client.

Click Change Station to switch your current station between your desktop workstation and a configured remote station, if necessary.

The Interactions drop-down list displays the interactions currently in your queue. Use this list to select an interaction, then use the buttons on the media bar to handle the interaction.

Tip: The currently selected interaction in this drop down list does not correspond to any interaction you may have selected in the embedded CIC client. The selected interaction and the available controls in the PureConnect Media Bar and the embedded CIC client are independent.

Note: This control “flashes” when an interaction is in the dialing or alerting state; i.e., the background color flashes to get your attention. Additionally, new interactions (alerting or dialing state) are automatically selected. Pre-selecting interactions makes call control actions like picking up a call faster and easier.

The Make Call / Click to Dial button enables you to either make a call or dial the phone number for a contact.

  • Click the icon to enter a phone number and make a call.

  • Click the arrow to dial a phone number for the contact associated with the selected workspace record. If no workspace record is selected, or if no contact is associated with the selected workspace record, then the drop-down list is unavailable.

Click Pickup to answer the current interaction, or to take the current interaction off hold.

Click Hold to place the selected interaction on hold. Click Hold again to pick up a held interaction.

  • If the selected interaction is on hold, then this button appears to be pressed down.

  • When you click this button, the icon for the selected call changes to a Hold icon.

Tip: Your CIC administrator can configure a maximum hold time for calls. By default, calls on hold for longer than fifteen minutes are disconnected. Your administrator can change the amount of time a call can remain on hold and/or the behavior that occurs once the hold time is exceeded. For example, your administrator may choose to transfer calls on hold longer than twenty minutes to another queue. For more information, see your CIC administrator.

Click Mute to disable the microphone on your telephone so that the other party or parties cannot hear what you are saying. Click Mute again to reactivate the microphone.

If the selected interaction is muted, then this button appears to be pressed down.

Tip: If you are in a conference call hosted by a different CIC server and you put the call on hold, you should first click Mute to avoid playing on-hold music to the other parties in a conference call.

Click Transfer to open the Transfer dialog box, where you can enter a transfer recipient and select the type of transfer operation you want to perform.

To send the interaction directly to the recipient, enter the recipient’s extension (internal number) or a phone number (external number), select the recipient from the drop-down list and click Transfer.

Click Voicemail to transfer a selected call to your voice mail account. Use this button if you want to send an incoming call to your voice mail instead of speaking with the caller.

Click Disconnect to disconnect the current call. When you click Disconnect, the icon for that call changes to a Disconnect icon.

Click Record to record the currently selected call. This recording is saved as a. wav file. Clicking Record the first time starts the recording session for a call. Clicking Record again stops the recording session for a call.

Click Pause to control a recording session. Click this button to pause the recording session. Click it again to resume the recording session.

Click Secure Pause to avoid recording sensitive information, such as a Social Security number or credit card number, when you are connected to a call interaction.

Click Conference Manager to create a conference call for two or more currently active calls.

Click Associate Interaction with Workspace to associate a selected interaction with a Oracle Service Cloud Incident workspace record.

The Status drop-down list both displays your current status and enables you to change it easily by selecting a different status from the drop-down list.

Depending on your current status, you can click Set Status Details to add status notes, provide a forwarding phone number, and indicate the date and time you will become available. The date and time information you enter is played for all your incoming calls while in this status.

Click Configuration to adjust your CIC client logon settings or client configuration. You can also create personal call rules or display the PureConnect Media Bar Integration About dialog box.

If you have the appropriate license and user rights, you can click Show Interaction Client to run the full CIC client in a workspace.

Click this icon to view the CIC client Help.