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About Interaction Recorder

Interaction Recorder Built-In Workspace is used to search and play back media recordings such as phone calls, web chats, emails, social media interactions, and screen recordings. Interaction Quality Manager Built-In Workspace is used to create questionnaires.


Interaction Recorder is also used to Score recordings and search and view scorecards. The Interaction Quality Manager license is required to score recorded interactions for quality evaluation. Live call recordings, in progress, can also be monitored using Interaction Recorder.

Audio recordings can be played back through your computer speakers, headset, or telephone handset.

Using Interaction Recorder for IC Business Manager, you can open multiple recordings and switch between those recordings while reviewing them.

Interaction Recorder has an intuitive user interface to help you build effective searches to display stored recordings, playback those recordings, and search and view scorecards. You can also use Interaction Quality Manager to create questionnaires for scoring and quality assessment of a recording.

Use Interaction Recorder Client for IC Business Manager to:

  • Build searches to retrieve recordings

  • Build searches to retrieve scorecards

  • View recording details

  • Playback recordings

  • Monitor live call recordings in progress

  • Create questionnaires for assessing a recording

  • Score recordings

  • Send a recording in an email

  • Export recordings

  • Archive recordings