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Licensing prerequisites

Interaction Report Assistant functionality is controlled by licensing. It requires an Interaction Report Assistant Supervisor Plug-In add-on license, which displays the Reporting page with the Report Assistant icon in IC Business Manager.

The actual name of the license that appears in the License Management dialog is I3_ACCESS_REPORT_ASSISTANT_SUPERVISOR_PLUGIN.

The Voicemails (Tracker) Report Assistant package requires the I3_ACCESS_TRACKER license for the package to be displayed in the list of Available Packages.

The Activation File Management tool allows you to manage and configure your PureConnect product licenses. You can access the tool on the My Support Dashboard at
You must have the appropriate credentials to access this portal.

You can view your license history from the License Web pages on the PureConnect Customer Care website. For more information on managing your license file, see the PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide and the PureConnect Licensing Technical Reference. These documents are available in the PureConnect Documentation Library on your CIC server. The latest versions of these documents can also be accessed from the PureConnect Documentation Library on the PureConnect website at: