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Configure CIC server Parameters

The Scheduled Reports install adds a number of server parameters in the Server Parameters container in the Interaction Administrator. Default values are added to these parameters so you can Scheduled Reports immediately and have them e-mailed to the appropriate recipients. However, configure the Printer and File Locations Server Parameters if you want users to be able to use these options. Review all server parameters listed in the following table to determine your users’ options.

Server Parameter



This server parameter contains an encrypted version of the database connection string for the i3_IC database. DO NOT MODIFY THIS PARAMETER THROUGH INTERACTION ADMINISTRATOR. Use the PureConnect Scheduled Reports Configurator Tool installed on the Monitoring Server to set the database connection string. This application is cover in detail in the Monitoring Service section.


Scheduled Reports handlers use this structured parameter to connect to the Scheduled Reports tables. This database “account” and “password” connects the user to the database.

Server Parameter



This server parameter allows the CIC administrator to start e-mail notifications for database error logging.

Default value:“NO”

Available values:“YES” and “NO”




Sends an error e-mail notification to only the Default IC System Administrator e-mail account


Does not send an error e-mail notification


This value sends an error e-mail notification to the e-mail addresses delimited by the pipe character (|). For example:


NoteIn order for the CIC System Administrator e-mail account to receive error e-mails with this parameter value, add the system administrator’s e-mail address to the delimited list

NoteThis value, YES|

is only valid for IC release 4.0, or later

Server Parameter



This server parameter restricts the Report Categories that are available in the Scheduled Reports application. By default all categories are included except User categories (User reports can only be run through the Interaction Client because they run for the User currently logged onto the local machine). It is not recommended that you remove Report Categories from this server parameter to restrict what reports users can schedule since the users can only schedule the reports for which they have View access as set-up in Interaction Administrator (see the MAKING REPORTS AVAILABLE TO USERS section of this document).

Default value:Account Code - Supervisor;Agent - Supervisor;Agent Performance;Call - Supervisor;Custom;Custom - Scheduled Reports;DNIS;Fax;General Administrative;Line Activity;Line Group;Queue


This server parameter identifies the site name. If you are installing Scheduled Reports on multiple CIC servers, the site name for each Server must be