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The Scheduled Reports Client application lets Customer Interaction Center users schedule reports (to run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis) and distribute them to multiple locations. The reports can be generated in different formats, such as Adobe Acrobat® (PDF), Microsoft® Excel (CSV), Microsoft® Word, and many other Crystal support export formats. Reports can be automatically distributed through an e-mail message, saved to a file, or printed.

The Scheduled Reports Client application consists of four main components:

  • The Database contains configuration information for each scheduled report.

  • The IC Handlers receive the notification from the Monitoring Service at the time a scheduled report is ready for distribution.

  • The Monitoring Service sends a notification to the IC Handlers to run a scheduled report, and monitors for updates to the database.

  • TheScheduled Reports Client application is the user interface for CIC and Scheduled Report administrators to schedule the running and distributing of reports.