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System requirements

CIC Integration with Siebel must be installed:

  • On a Windows OS (preferably Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 or 2019). See the Siebel documentation for Siebel server Windows Server requirements.

  • Concurrently with Siebel Communications Services (which specifically includes the Siebel Communication Session Manager)

Siebel integration server/Siebel server

The following items must be running on the Siebel server:

  • Siebel 7.X, Siebel 8.X, Siebel Innovation Pack 2014, Siebel Innovation Pack 2015, Siebel Innovation Pack 2016, Siebel Innovation Pack 2017, or Siebel Innovation Pack 2018.

Note: License required. Sections of the installation are tailored to a specific version of Siebel.

  • Customer Interaction Center Integration with Siebel

  • Typically, the Siebel Server and the Siebel Integration co-reside on a server. However, as illustrated in the architecture section, these components could reside on separate servers in the Siebel Enterprise.

Note: Refer to Siebel’s documentation for requirements of the Siebel Servers. Install the CIC Integration with Siebel only on the servers running the Siebel Communications Session Manager.

  • 20 Gigabytes of free hard disk space (for logging)

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit), 2016 (64-bit) or 2019 (64-bit), which are Microsoft Windows-based operating systems. See the Siebel documentation for specific server grade requirements.

  • Microsoft Framework (version 4.0)

  • IceLib (Included in installation) No license required

  • Siebel Communication Management Services (Required component: Communications Session Manager)

CIC server

See the PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide in the PureConnect Documentation Library for CIC server requirements. The integration requires no installation on the CIC server.

Make sure you update the CIC server and workstations to CIC 2018 R1 or later before installing or applying the CIC Integration with Siebel.

Release Documents and Feature Information

IC Integration with Oracle Siebel is available in CIC 4.0 SU 3 to SU 6 and CIC 2015 R1 and later.

Latest Release

Starting with CIC 2015 R1, the IC Integration with Oracle Siebel components are:

Important: IC Integration with Oracle Siebel 2015 R1 or later can be applied to any IC Integration with Oracle Siebel 4.0 SU.