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Configure CIC for images used by the Locator

To use the Locator feature, users do not need to configure the iOS application. However, an administrator must configure the CIC server to store the location where user photos are hosted on a web server.

To support the Locator feature, add the INTERNAL_USER_PIC_URL CIC server parameter in Interaction Administrator. The optional parameter specifies a URI with a string replacement ({0}) for the user ID of the current user, which points to the corresponding user photo based on the user ID.


Specifying {0} in the URI string substitutes the currently selected user ID into the URL string. Once the placeholder is processed, the resulting value is fully qualified URI pointing to an image.

Image Sizing Guidelines:

  • Photos should be no larger than 128 x 128 pixels. Larger photos are scaled to 128x128 pixels.

  • Location images are scaled to fit within the working space of the active monitor.

No security rights are associated with this feature. It is enabled for all users by specifying a valid value for the server parameter. Since the parameter points to an image location, the administrator is responsible for hosting images at each specified URI.