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Introduction to Interaction Web Portal and Interaction Marquee

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Introduction to Interaction Web Portal

The Interaction Web Portal (IWP) is a web application designed to allow supervisors, managers, executives, end clients of outsourcers and agents access into the contact center to view reports, recordings, statistics, and allow for live call monitoring of the agents.

Interaction Web Portal resides in two locations, the CIC server or servers and on a separate IIS server, and thus contains two installations.The first installation, CIC, exists on the CIC server (or servers).The second installation, the web install of Interaction Web Portal, exists on a separate IIS server. A third install, IWP LDS Configuration, exists on the web server with the Interaction Web Portal website.

When installing and configuring Interaction Web Portal, consider the following:

  • IWP organizations do not span CIC servers in this release.

  • IWP supports multiple organizations per CIC server.

  • Switchover licenses for IWP are included in the switchover license part number.

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, or AD LDS replicas, does not allow for high scalability and redundancy.

Introduction to Interaction Marquee

Interaction Marquee installs with Interaction Web Portal. Interaction Marquee is a statistics delivery and display application. It provides easy access to near-real-time statistics for multiple workgroups, and even multiple servers by a web browser or other application. It can display the same data as Interaction Supervisor.

Marquee is often referred to as an alternative to virtual wallboards, replacing small cryptic displays with customizable displays that users can view in any web browser. Users have complete control over the appearance of their statistics in Marquee.

Marquee has features that go far beyond conventional wallboards. It allows users to send statistics data to other applications, databases, and hardware interfaces using plug-ins that receive the data and carry out functions based on the design of the plug-in software.

For more information about configuring and working with Interaction Marquee, see Appendix C: “Interaction Marquee” in this guide.

For more information about using Interaction Marquee, see the Interaction Marquee help.

Reference information

The PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide contains many references to finding documentation in the PureConnect Documentation Library.

The PureConnect Documentation Library merges all help systems and documentation installed on the IC Server into a single searchable unit. The PureConnect Documentation Library enables you to:

  • Access the entire documentation set from one location.

  • View or search the entire documentation set for a document title, topic, term, or keyword.

You can view the PureConnect Documentation Library at or on the CIC Server from Start…Programs->PureConnect ->Online Documentation->PureConnect Documentation Library, after completing the CIC Server installation.

For product release information see